Quality Control

Quality Commercial Cleaning

Quality Control

Sparkling Clean Canada has one of the most stringent and rigorous quality programs in the industry to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality of service. Our mobile Quality Control system ensures clients, management and cleaning staff are all in communication. Clients can see what management sees as to all communication for their site.

There are several factors that ensure our clients receive the services they are paying for. A few of these factors include but not limited to:

  • Screening and hiring staff– we interview and match staff members to available locations. Most of our staff members come word of mouth from other staff members. By doing a thorough screening of potential staff members we reduce turnover and have trained, reliable and trustworthy people.
  • Training– Just because everyone can say they clean but can they make it Sparkling Clean Canada. We work with our staff with site specific training. We hold regular training sessions on different cleaning topics.
  • Supervision– We supervise all employees to ensure they are always giving quality work.
  • Feedback– We welcome client and cleaning staff feedback to help with work performance and cleaning quality to ensure quality expectations.
  • Communications– Showing respect and being supportive and clearly communicating our expectations is so important to a positive working environment. We encourage communication through our mobile app so everyone can see all concerns.
  • Proper equipment and cleaning supplies– Cleaning staff cannot perform their duties if they are not equipped with correct equipment and cleaning supplies. Again broken equipment and supplies can be reported immediately on their mobile app. All equipment should be clean and in good working condition or replaced.
  • Safety– All staff members must have their WHMIS training within 3 months of employment. Part of the onsite training is to ensure all staff understand their rights to safe work environment.
Office Cleaning Edmonton

Our Services

Sparkling Clean Canada offers professional, quality cleaning services to clients in Edmonton and surrounding area.

Commercial/Office Cleaning

Sparkling Clean Canada has been in business for over 25 years doing commercial/office cleaning in the Edmonton area offering high quality, dependable and affordable services.

Healthcare Facilities

Clinical facilities like surgical and medical centers require specialized sanitation to ensure the safety of your staff, patients and visitors.

Construction Clean-ups

Sparkling Clean Canada has built a strong reputation in the industry for our excellence as a post construction cleaning company.

Window Cleaning

Sparkling Clean Canada offers window cleaning to give your establishment great impression. We can handle all sizes of job up to 2 storey buildings.

Blind Cleaning

We have professional staff members that will come to your office and carefully remove and tag your window blinds or shades for cleaning at our warehouse using state of the art ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Floor Services

Let Sparkling Clean Canada keep that fresh and clean look to your office year round with a maintenance program that suits your office needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Sparkling Clean Canada offers a great carpet cleaning service that can cover all types of carpeting.  We use low moisture methods and hot water extraction to remove dirt, grime, and stains from corner cubicles to high traffic hallways.

Quality Control

Sparkling Clean Canada has one of the most stringent and rigorous quality programs in the industry to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality of service.

Emergency Disaster Services

We have the expertise and the experience in managing all types of emergencies, including fire and flood events.

Green Cleaning

At Sparkling Clean Canada, we stay current on the most state-of-the-art, cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods to meet our client’s needs and desires.