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Top 4 Benefits of Hiring Office Cleaning Services

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Many businesses either have their staff take care of cleaning, or have hired a cleaning service that is just not up to par. Many cleaning services only do the bare minimum to keep up appearances of a hygienic space. They usually do a quick vacuum, empty the trash and wipe surfaces with the same old cloth. This leaves behind dust, allergens, dirt and pathogens in the carpeting, the blinds and hard to reach areas. Read on to discover the top four benefits of hiring a high-quality commercial cleaner like Sparkling Clean Canada.

1. Reduce the Spread of Disease

This benefit should be at the forefront of all businesses during this time! Investing in the right high-quality cleaning services is an important factor in keeping your employees healthy. Many businesses struggle to keep sickness spreading from employee to employee, thus slowing down production and resulting in a lot of sick days. You can prevent this by sanitizing all shared spaces, such as bathrooms, or lunchrooms, regularly. As well as wiping down surfaces, doorknobs and faucets on a daily basis. Viruses are able to live on surfaces and able to infect others for up to 48 hours. We can educate you about the most effective cleaning protocols to help you limit the spread of dangerous viruses.

2. Increased Employee Productivity

Employees are a lot happier when the air around them is smelling fresh, and their environment is free from dust and dirt. Polluted air is one of the top five risks to human health, and if present in your office, will reduce productivity greatly. Most offices have a hidden air quality problem, due to not cleaning their air ducts or keeping up with maintenance regularly. Deep, professional cleaning will leave your office, and the air in it, fresh.

3. Professional Appearance

The image of your office or place of business is important when facing customers or clients. You don’t want your customers to come into a place that is unkempt or messy. This will leave them with a bad impression and might make them think again about doing business with you. On the other hand, a sanitary and pleasant looking office that smells good and looks good makes a great first impression. This translates into more confidence in your business or service.

4. Long Term Cost Savings

Sure, it may seem like hiring a professional cleaning service could be very costly upfront, but in the long term, you will actually save money and reap other benefits. As mentioned above, fewer sick days taken by employees means more productivity for your business. As well, there won’t be any long term damage to your furniture or carpeting over time because of neglect. Replacing a carpet is an extremely costly expense! 


Not all professional cleaning services are created equal. Be sure to vet any companies you may be looking to hire and make sure they have great reviews like here at Sparkling Clean Canada. Give us a call today with any inquiries you may have about professional office cleaning!

How to Keep Your Office Tidy

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In today’s business world, productivity is more important than ever. Naturally, over the course of the workweek, your office can get pretty messy and untidy. But keeping a clean, well-kept office means a better environment and more productivity for you and your employees. 

Why Keep the Office Tidy?

Not only is keeping the office well-organized and tidy a best practice anyone should get in the habit of doing, but there have been several studies on the connection between disorganization and mental health.

For example, a 2011 Princeton University study discovered that an excess of clutter creates greater difficulty in focusing on specific tasks. It found that the brain’s visual cortex becomes overwhelmed by irrelevant items, making focusing difficult. 

Another study, which was conducted by Indiana University, found a correlation between clean, organized homes and peoples’ health. Participants who kept tidy houses possessed better health and were more active compared to those who didn’t. It’s believed that this is linked to stress levels and elevated cortisol hormones in untidy individuals.

Five Tips for Office Organization

  1. Start purging. If available, get employees to help. Purging unnecessary clutter is important to health and office productivity, so this should be done during active work hours. Be practical about what you want to keep; focus on things you use or feel affection for. Don’t hoard!
  2. Look into cleaning services. Now that everything’s been purged, it’s time to deep clean. Research carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, and/or office cleaning services in your area. They can helpfully clean all those nooks and crannies that regular cleaning can’t really reach. They’ll also improve the look and feel of your office, giving you better mental health and productivity.
  3. Create ‘homes’ for what you have so that you can keep things organized. They’ll be easier to find and to put away. Keeping everything well-organized means you’ll realize when things start becoming messy again, allowing you to tidy up before it gets out of hand.
  4. Make tidying a routine both for yourself and for your office. It’ll help you keep on top of clutter and it will make sure your workspaces are always clean.
  5. Remind employees about keeping a tidy workspace. Consider introducing cleanliness policies, which can help form a sense of responsibility in employees to keep their spaces clean; this can help translate the routine to their personal lives, leading to much happier and more productive employees.

Are you based in Edmonton and looking for office, commercial, or carpet cleaning services? Check out Sparkling Clean Canada! Our dedicated and professional staff provide the quality you can trust and can give your office or commercial space clean, gleaming interiors that invite clients and contribute to employee health and productivity. Find out more at or call (780) 462-4410 to schedule your cleaning today!

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How To Safely Disinfect Your Office During COVID-19

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With the spread of Coronavirus across the globe, it’s imperative to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of your workplace at all times. Businesses that are still operating at their location instead of remotely must ensure the safety of all workers as well as any customers or patients that enter the building. This cleaning can also help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. It’s critical to be using high-quality, effective cleaning and sanitizing products for a complete clean.

Read on to learn more about the key office cleaning and disinfecting tips for you to apply to your business during COVID-19.

Cleaning Tips From the CDC

Maintaining a clean business environment can greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep employees and clients safe. The CDC has published detailed guidance on how to clean and disinfect your workplace and even listed EPA-approved disinfectants that have been known to be highly effective and combative against COVID-19. Here are the key tips the CDC advises:

  • Use disposable gloves, a mask and gowns when cleaning and disinfecting the workplace. Carefully remove and dispose of any trash immediately.
  • Always clean thoroughly before you begin disinfecting. Cleaning with soap or detergent removes particles that carry COVID-19 from the surface. This can reduce the overall load of the virus before sanitizing and disinfecting begins, which allows the disinfectant to be more effective in eliminating the virus.
  • There are several EPA-approved disinfectants that office cleaning companies use to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize workplaces. Household bleach and water solutions can also be used to kill off the virus.
  • When using disinfecting wipes (such as Lysol or Clorox wipes), make sure you clean one area at a time and allow the surface to stay wet for approximately four minutes.
  • Never mix cleaning products together.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surface areas daily, including phones, tablets, doorknobs, light switches, desks, toilets, sinks, keyboards and mouse pads.
  • Ensure any digital signage equipment or touch-screen equipment is cleaned and sanitized daily as well.

How To Institute Optimal Hygiene Practices For Employees

If your business had employees working from home and are now allowing them to return to the office, it’s critical that you institute proper hygiene practices and tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here’s what you can do:

  • Stock up on disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol and teach everyone how to use them both effectively. Encourage all employees to commit to frequent hand washing, disinfecting their desks and using hand sanitizer every time they come into the office.
  • Have a dedicated team or person thoroughly clean and disinfect the office throughout the day to reduce the spread of germs.
  • If possible, have employees sit at least six feet apart at workstations and clean the desk area once they leave or move to another area.

Sparkling Clean specializes in deep cleaning and disinfection to help offices avoid COVID-19 and flatten the curve and spread. Our reliable, effective and affordable office cleaning services ensure every nook and cranny of the workplace is completely safe and clean. Contact us for quality cleaning you can trust at

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Three Signs Your Facility Needs A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

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Having a dirty carpet in your home can leave guests with a negative impression, but having an unclean carpet in your office or business facility can negatively impact your entire brand image and sales. It’s absolutely imperative to your company’s overall success to ensure the carpets in your facility are well-kept, clean and odour-free. In between managing a business, there is not sufficient time for you to apply and ensure thorough cleaning of your carpeted office. 

It’s always in the best interest of your company’s brand to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service to help you maintain a meticulously clean, spotless and impressive space. Sparkling Clean will examine the four signs that your facility’s carpet requires professional cleaning services.

Sign 1: Track Marks

From staff members, couriers and clients, your business facility or office is a highly trafficked area. You may hope that those entering your place of business are thoroughly cleaning off their boots and shoes, but this is not always the case. Whether your entire business is carpeted or only specific areas, the carpet fibres will become highly saturated with sludge, dirt, grime and even leaves. If the carpet is neglected and the track marks are able to build-up, the carpet can become saturated and the boot tracking marks will become fairly evident. Sparkling Clean commercial cleaning services can effectively remove these marks and restore the carpet.

Sign 2: Discoloured Patches

The carpet itself may appear clean on the surface, however, there may be significant wear and tear underneath from use. If you detect any discoloured patches on the carpets, they may be the result of food or chemical stains and if left without being cleaned, then an odour can develop. The carpet requires deep cleaning and Sparkling Clean will ensure that the carpet colours do not fade in the process.

Sign 3: Unpleasant Odour

Whether a result of food and drink spills or chemical products, both a stain and an odour will develop in the office. There is nothing more undesirable for clients and staff than to be in an environment with an unpleasant smell permeating the air. Even if there haven’t been any spills on the carpet, any dander, dirt and bacteria can accumulate over time within the carpet layers and cause the offensive odour. Foul odours permeate the air and alter the air quality as well, which can risk the health of staff. It’s imperative to have professional carpet cleaning services manage the odour immediately. Sparkling Clean will deodorize, moth-proof and disinfect the carpet for an effective clean.

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Sparkling Clean is the most trusted office cleaning and commercial cleaning service in Edmonton for effective and affordable cleaning services. With over 25 years in the business, Sparkling Clean brings high-quality, dependable and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to your place of business. We ensure your business is left impeccably clean, safe and healthy to ensure the satisfaction of employees and clients alike. Contact us today to have your business sparkling clean

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How to Save Money by Using a Carpet Cleaning Service

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Professional carpet cleaning is a very important service for a number of reasons and saving money is one of them. Keeping carpets clean can be challenging, especially if you have a chaotic household or busy workplace that sees high foot traffic. Carpets are not cheap, which is why you want them to last a very long time and keeping them clean will allow you to do this. The right maintenance procedure will help with your carpet’s appearance too.

Keeping a carpet clean is easier said than done, which is why professional cleaning services are often required to help clean your carpets regularly so that they continue to look brand new. If you’re concerned about the costs associated with this option, you don’t have to worry because using a carpet cleaning service will actually help save you money in the long run.

Having your carpets cleaned professionally means you don’t have to worry about a replacement, which can end up costing more than the cleaning services you pay for. Carpets are an investment, so you want to be able to enjoy them for many years without ever having to worry about paying for a new one. With the right service, you can have peace of mind knowing your carpet will remain clean and maintain its appearance. Maintenance is very important and if the proper care is not applied, it will result in the deterioration of your carpets. The problem is that you may not be able to clean as often as you’d like and professional services can take care of this aspect for you because they will clean it for you regularly.

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Professional cleaners also use the appropriate products that are suitable for the removal of dirt, dust and stains so you won’t have to worry about purchasing special products that will add up over time. The cleaning products and tools they use are included in their services, so this is another aspect you don’t have to deal with.

Look out for special offers and take advantage of them. Many cleaning companies will offer discounts during certain months of the year or may make a special offer to gain you as a client and this can help make a big difference. Do not be afraid to ask about the different packages they offer and what is included so that you have a clear understanding of the services you’re paying for.

Lastly, your reputation is priceless and a dirty home or office will not make a good impression, especially in a commercial setting. A clean space is worth every penny because it will result in happier employees and repeat customers who will want to continue doing business with you. This alone makes cleaning services a must because your reputation and success are on the line.

Sparkling Clean in Edmonton specializes in commercial cleaning, so if your office carpet could benefit from their services, give them a call now!

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Three Essential Tips to Keep Server Rooms Clean

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More businesses are setting up server rooms in their place of work than ever before. Server rooms are a designated room used to store computers and other electrical equipment as well as utilize computer servers. These specific rooms often have a server administration system located outside the room that manages the servers. These rooms are a safe environment to keep computers and ensure that networking is effective and easy. 

However, server rooms can easily become unclean and neglected without thorough cleaning. Sparkling Clean presents the three essential tips to keep your business’s server room clean and well-maintained.

1. Ensure the Room Maintains the Right Temperature

In a small environment with high-powered machines constantly in operation, the room can easily overheat and pose a risk to the business. Maintaining a safe server room means keeping the temperature at a proper temperature. If the servers reach a temperature of 85 to 90 for even a few minutes, the result could be a meltdown. Ensure you’re keeping the room itself at a temperature of 77 degrees.

2. Schedule Routine Maintenance and Cleanings

If you want to maintain a successful business, yourself and your employees don’t have the downtime to spend cleaning! Hire a professional commercial cleaning company to clean the server room in the most efficient, safest and effective manner possible. Keeping the computer environment free of dust, debris and other chemical particles is imperative to the cleanliness and success of your server room. Harmful particles can also damage and destroy the important machinery located in the room. When dust circulates within the server room and interferes with the computers and servers which can result in data loss. Sparkling Clean has been in the industry for over 25 years effectively cleaning offices, commercial properties, residential homes and much more.

3. Clean Certain Areas weekly

Proactive and regular cleaning should be an essential component of maintenance for your entire business operations. To protect the server room, you have to consider the ways your business can become unclean from foot traffic, different project work, delivery packages and more. For a proactive weekly cleaning routine, ensure you’re doing the following:

  • Use a dry mop to sweep the floor weekly and ensure you schedule a deep commercial clean with Sparkling Clean every three months.
  • Clean all of the machines and electronic equipment with an antistatic cleaning compound.
  • If there are ceiling plenums in the server room or cables and ducts, ensure a deep clean of the area with these items every six months.
  • The subfloor of the server room requires a deep clean at least every six months. If the room is carpeted, call Sparkling Clean for carpet cleaning in Edmonton or for floor cleaning services for other floor types. 

With over 25 years in the industry and providing effective cleaning services in Edmonton, Sparkling Clean is your trusted cleaning company. We guarantee a clean, attractive and organized space to ensure a healthy environment for you. To schedule one of our cleaning services, send us a message at today!

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How To Keep Your Carpet Clean If You Have Pets

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Keeping carpets clean is very important because it will allow you to maintain a healthy environment. This is often easier said than done, especially if you have pets because they tend to cause stains and chew on the material and their hair will inevitably build-up on your carpet.

The good news is that you can have pets and a clean carpet by following a few steps that will allow you to enjoy both. The first thing you should always do is to wipe your pet’s paws so that they don’t bring dirt inside. Always have a towel close to the entrance so that you can wipe off any dirt right away and prevent it from ending up on your carpet. Your pet may not enjoy this process, but it will make a big difference and your carpets will remain clean a lot longer. Wiping their paws should be done every time the come inside, but grooming your pet can be done less often, although it is equally as important. A clean pet will reduce the amount of hair that makes its way to your carpet and there will be a lot less dirt that can transfer to your floors, resulting in a clean carpet.

Include an area rug in the room so that your pet can spend most of their time on the rug as opposed to the carpet. Area rugs are particularly useful in high traffic areas and will offer an additional layer of protection for your carpet. Of course, accidents will happen and in order to prevent stains from becoming permanently embedded in your carpet, you must act fast and clean it right away using a pet-friendly carpet cleaner. Clean up the moisture and any debris first and then apply the cleaner.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is a must and it’s also one of the easiest ways of keeping your carpet clean because you will get rid of all the dust, dirt and hair from your carpet and doing it often will ensure that these elements do not accumulate and build-up. Have a vacuum handy at all times and use it as often as you need to.

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is another solution that can help keep your carpet clean and maintain its beautiful condition. Long nails will damage your carpets because when the pets run around and play their nails will get caught and ruin the fibres of your carpet resulting in a damaged appearance. You can easily prevent this from happening by trimming their nails.

It’s hard to keep carpets clean when you have pets, no matter how hard you try. If you feel like you can’t get rid of tough stains and require the assistance of professional cleaners, contact Sparkling Clean in Edmonton. They offer a variety of services for commercial spaces so if your office or carpets require cleaning of any kind call, Sparkling Clean today!

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Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned Regularly

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There are several reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned regularly. The first is that it will remove dangerous particles that will linger and become embedded in your carpet if they are not removed. Carpets see a lot of foot traffic and are full of food particles, dirt, dust, and so much more. Shoes contain a lot of dirt, all of which end up on carpets, which will not only lead to permanent stains but to unpleasant odour as well. Even worse, these particles will cause germs and bacteria to spread throughout your office, which is dangerous for everyone at work. Cleaning your carpets will remove these dangerous particles to help you and your employees remain healthy.

Cleaning your carpet regularly will also help improve indoor air quality, which a dirty carpet will affect. Dust and dirt will lead to poor indoor air quality, which will trigger allergy and asthma symptoms or make them worse. A thorough cleaning will help with this tremendously so that you don’t have to worry.

If you want your carpet to remain in good condition for a long period of time, you will have to get it cleaned regularly. Dirt and grime will lead to the deterioration of your carpet, which will inevitably happen over time if these particles are left untouched. They will damage the fibre, which will then ruin the structure and appearance of your carpet. Cleaning it regularly will help your carpet look a lot better and last a lot longer, too. A clean carpet is also a lot easier to maintain because the cleaning process will be fast and simple. Vacuuming on a regular basis should do the trick, whereas leaving your carpet dirty for a long period of time will make it harder and sometimes even impossible to clean.

Lastly, a clean carpet will help significantly with the appearance of your office, which would otherwise look bad, even if the rest of the space is clean. A dirty carpet is very noticeable, meaning clients will look at that aspect first upon entering your building and it will stand out for all of the wrong reasons. If you want to make a good impression and create a space that is clean and inviting, you will need to clean your carpet regularly. 

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If you would like a professional cleaning company to help with this task, contact Sparkling Clean in Edmonton today. They offer commercial cleaning services and can assist with office cleaning to help your space and carpets remain sparkling clean!

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The Top Germiest Areas of an Office

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You spend a very large portion of your time at work, so you want to make sure your office is a clean environment where you can work comfortably without the fear of germs lurking around everywhere. Sadly, that is not always the case and most offices are full of germs in areas you might not be aware of.

If you’re wondering which areas are the worst when it comes to germs, here is a breakdown:

  1. The entrance and exit to your office. With all those people coming in and going out, it’s safe to assume that the handles of the doors are full of germs and bacteria. Think of all of the different hands touching the handles throughout the day; no wonder germs build up easily! If your office building has an elevator, then you can also assume that the buttons are contaminated with germs due to the number of people pushing them on a daily basis.
  2. Reception areas are also known to have a lot of germs because of the number of people that flip through the magazines, sit on the chairs, use the phone or share a pen. As this area is the first point of contact for anyone coming into your office, it is bound to see high foot traffic and while you may do your best to keep it clean, maintaining cleanliness can be difficult.
  3. The staff kitchen and break room are other areas that can be full of germs because of the number of people touching the microwave handle or coffee pot handle for example. There’s also the fridge handle, drawer handles and the faucet. When you factor in all of these elements, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that bacteria can be present.
  4. Work bathrooms can get pretty messy which is why, unsurprisingly, they are one of the most germ-infested spaces in an office. While toilet seats and faucets and the door handle all have germs, it is actually the bathroom floor that is full of bacteria, and if not cleaned properly and often, the germs will linger and can cause serious problems.
  5. Last but not least, your desk is probably the most germ-infested space in your office. You may not realize it, but with all the things on your desk that are touched on a daily basis (computer, stapler, keyboard, phone, chair), as well as the close proximity of the employees, it is the number one spot for germs to transfer and linger. Just think of the number of times you’ve shared your pen!

Don’t let your office become a home for germs and bacteria. Sparkling Clean is one of the top cleaning companies in Edmonton that can deal with commercial spaces and ensure they remain clean. The next time your office needs cleaning of any kind, whether it’s the carpets, blinds, or the floors, call Sparkling Clean so that you work in the cleanest environment possible!

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Reasons to do an annual deep clean

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With spring in full force, most of us may have got down to spring cleaning our homes. Spring cleaning involves a thorough wiping, mopping and scrubbing of your home along with all fittings, closets, dressers and virtually every nook and corner of your home. But just like your home, your commercial property requires a scheduled deep cleaning once a year to get rid of any residue and stains which may have resulted from prolonged use.

An annual deep clean for your commercial property not only helps to tidy your space but also eliminates bacteria build up. It is no surprise that commercial bathrooms and kitchens are bacteria prone. While they are a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and viruses, they are hardly ever cleaned and wiped down extensively. Many offices have their daily or weekly scheduled cleaning which involves vacuuming and maybe wiping down of desks and electronic equipment. But the sheer number of people using an office space is huge and sometimes the equipment and surface wiping may not be sufficient. Commercial surfaces are regularly used and touched by numerous office employees and visitors.

Whether it is the water fountains, doorknobs, telephones or keyboards if more than one employee touches it, it is potentially a bacteria and germ magnet. Investing in good quality and reliable cleaning company can prevent employees from falling sick and contracting infections, saving a lot of workday for a company.

Scheduled annual cleaning can be done either at the beginning of spring or any other time in the year as required to keep office premises in top shape. Cleaning also encourages employees to maintain a clean and productive environment. Cleaner office spaces boost employee morale and employees feel valued working for a company that cares about their work environment. Moreover, it also promotes a healthy sense of responsibility for an employee to maintain general cleanliness in the premises. While your regular cleaning routine may involve wiping and mopping, a detailed cleaning will involve washing carpets with carpet shampoo, scrubbing surfaces, cleaning bathroom fixtures with special liquids and ensure an in-depth cleaning of all those nook and corners or overlooked spaces which may have gathered dirt and grime with passing time.

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Many modern offices spaces are designed taking into account the cleanliness and maintenance aspects, but many older designs still have vulnerable spots that are ridden with dirt and bacteria buildup. Moreover, no matter what kind of office you may have, there will be some level of bacteria and dirt build-up that needs to be addressed with a thorough cleaning using the right cleaning accessories and products.

If you are wondering what does deep cleaning typically involve, professional and licensed cleaning crew from Sparkling Clean, Edmonton’s best commercial and office cleaning company make sure to clean every inch of your office space by wiping down all the surfaces, even those which do not get wiped generally like light switches, mop boards, door handles, etc. They then proceed to clean and disinfect all surfaces and mirrors. Next, they vacuum vents and drapes and even dust off all surfaces like window ledges or tracks. Then they clean and sanitize office equipment like phones, keyboards, etc. Whether it is cleaning the window blinds, floor or carpet, their experienced crew uses the most efficient cleaning techniques, tools and detergents to scrape off the layer of dirt and grime from your floor.

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