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June 2020

How to Keep Your Office Tidy

By | sparkling clean

In today’s business world, productivity is more important than ever. Naturally, over the course of the workweek, your office can get pretty messy and untidy. But keeping a clean, well-kept office means a better environment and more productivity for you and your employees. 

Why Keep the Office Tidy?

Not only is keeping the office well-organized and tidy a best practice anyone should get in the habit of doing, but there have been several studies on the connection between disorganization and mental health.

For example, a 2011 Princeton University study discovered that an excess of clutter creates greater difficulty in focusing on specific tasks. It found that the brain’s visual cortex becomes overwhelmed by irrelevant items, making focusing difficult. 

Another study, which was conducted by Indiana University, found a correlation between clean, organized homes and peoples’ health. Participants who kept tidy houses possessed better health and were more active compared to those who didn’t. It’s believed that this is linked to stress levels and elevated cortisol hormones in untidy individuals.

Five Tips for Office Organization

  1. Start purging. If available, get employees to help. Purging unnecessary clutter is important to health and office productivity, so this should be done during active work hours. Be practical about what you want to keep; focus on things you use or feel affection for. Don’t hoard!
  2. Look into cleaning services. Now that everything’s been purged, it’s time to deep clean. Research carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, and/or office cleaning services in your area. They can helpfully clean all those nooks and crannies that regular cleaning can’t really reach. They’ll also improve the look and feel of your office, giving you better mental health and productivity.
  3. Create ‘homes’ for what you have so that you can keep things organized. They’ll be easier to find and to put away. Keeping everything well-organized means you’ll realize when things start becoming messy again, allowing you to tidy up before it gets out of hand.
  4. Make tidying a routine both for yourself and for your office. It’ll help you keep on top of clutter and it will make sure your workspaces are always clean.
  5. Remind employees about keeping a tidy workspace. Consider introducing cleanliness policies, which can help form a sense of responsibility in employees to keep their spaces clean; this can help translate the routine to their personal lives, leading to much happier and more productive employees.

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