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The Office Mascot

By | sparkling clean

The Office Mascot It’s 8:15 AM and you pull into the parkade, set your coffee down and collect your things.  Exiting your car, you grab your coffee, your computer bag, and a few other things.  You look your car and head towards the doors.  Once in the building, you open your office door.  Something moves across the floor in your peripheral.  A rodent, perhaps?  You take a sip of your coffee and ignore it.

It’s the 10:26, and you have a client meeting at 10:30.  You walk out to the lobby, welcoming them and then show them to your office.  They take a seat, and after a bit of small talk, you pivot in your office chair towards the credenza to get their file.  A slight bump of the credenza, shakes  loose a light flurry of dust from the top of the shelf.  It’s embarrassing for you.  “Perhaps they didn’t notice?”, you think.  They laugh.  They noticed.

After the appointment, you decide to take an early lunch.  As you head out into the lobby, the receptionist says something to you in passing.  You turn around to answer, and brush against the plants next to the doors.  You walk to your car, unlock it and get in.  As you buckle up, you look at your lap.  It’s dirty.  Dust must’ve transposed from the plant you bumped into.

When you get back to the office, you make a point of asking the office manager some questions about your office cleaning.

How often do they come to clean?  Are they contracted, and for how long is the contract?  What are they told to clean?  Has it always been this way? 

You return to your desk.  As the door closes to your office, something once again breezes by your periphery.  Not a rat.  Not a mouse.  Nothing like that.  The breeze incited from the door opening and closing is pushing a dust bunny around.  This dust bunny was so big, that one would assume it was the office mascot.

You may have an office cleaner.  But if it doesn’t look clean, it probably isn’t.

“Always Sparkling Clean.”

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office cleaning Edmonton

The Office Swamp Monster

By | sparkling clean

This is probably a true story.  The events you’re about to read, follow an office, similar to the one you’re likely in right now. 

 8:14 AM: He walked toward the coffee room, coughing with his mouth agape as he poured his morning brew into his “RATHER BE GOLFING” mug.  He yawned, rubbing his hand across his mouth, and then gingerly swiped the underside of his eye, removing some residual crust from his deep slumber.  Cup in tow, he staggered back towards his cubicle.

On the way there, he decided to make way over to his colleague’s desk.  She had Halloween themed sugar cookies and sent an email, encouraging everyone to come by her desk to take one.  He did.  He devoured the cookie, leaving crumbs in his wake.  He then proceeded to lick his fingers, and then walked back to his desk.  As he approached the desk, he set his coffee down and decided that he should first go to the washroom, before returning to his work.

After, shall we say- 10 industrious minutes in the washroom, he was ready to get back to his work.  He was in the washroom and left, without almost anyone knowing he’d been there.  Now- normally, that’d be a good thing.  Except in this case, it wasn’t.  He didn’t wash his hands afterwards.  And now that he’s back at his desk, he’s done enough to create a Jackson Pollock of bacterial fingerprints, for anyone willing to take a black light to the work space.

The potential for cross contamination from the coffee room, the work space, the washroom, and other areas is vast.  You can put Purell stations, encourage employees wash their hands through the installation of signage in washrooms and food consumption areas.  But sometimes, you can’t leave any of that to chance, at the risk of losing valuable staff to illness.  Sparkling Clean Canada can disinfect your workspace, make it more inviting and make sure the office trolls, such as the one in the above story, aren’t wreaking havoc on the cleanliness of your work environment, or your immune system.

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